New Novel, “Substitute Hero”!

The first 20 chapters of my novel, Substitute Hero, has just released on Creative Novels (clink on the names for link.) Synopsis: “He made his living managing a fried chicken franchise and filled his life by reading translated web novels. But he died while stopping Truck-san from killing a group of schoolchildren in a crosswalk. “The thing is, even though the setting is now the summoned hero novel he had been reading, his transmigration story doesn’t seem to know what genre it wants to be! Why is he now a fairy vampire?… Read More

New Chapter, Tales of the ESDF

Chapter 3 of Moon Duty is posted: Please enjoy

New Chapter, Tales of the ESDF

Chapter two of the second arc, “Moon Duty”, has just posted on Scribblehub! Enjoy! Moon Duty – Chapter 2

New Pubs

At the top of this page, I have added a menu bar with ‘short stories’ and ‘web novels’. Under those, I have parked four items. Under “Short Stories”, I reposted three stories (a short and two novelettes) that have been on my page for a while: Cosmogony – Originally appeared in “Farspace”, also a short story anthology. Orange Sky – Not in print anywhere, but a personal favorite. Grandfather – Originally appeared in “Farspace 2”, a short story anthology. In addition, I am now serializing the episodic web novel, “Tales of… Read More

Fushigi’s Web Novels

The first post is somewhat intimidating, I think. Practically nobody will read it, yet you feel like you have to say something brilliant. [takes deep breath] Right. Let’s do this. I go by Fushigi in some places and Eric the Fred in others. This is my announcement page for new chapters and short stories. Eric the Fred’s Portfolio on Fushigi’s Profile on Creative Novels “It is perfectly okay to write garbage– as long as you edit brilliantly.” ~C.J. Cherryh